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Inventory Control

HisTREE is an invaluable solution for inventory control in parks and open spaces. With HisTREE you can simplify collection and analysis of field data to improve information management and boost productivity 
  • Capture and record asset location, physical attribute assessment and maintenance history of each individual asset
  • Improve Park and Open Space Management (POSAM) practices
  • Perform accurate real time inventory management complete with GIS mapping
  • Synchronize and upload data instantly
  • Eliminate re-entry of field data
Inventory database created using the HisTREE asset management system provides the information necessary to determine:
What is it? – A detailed description of an asset, complete with a picture.
Where is it? – View each asset location in Google Maps.
What happened to it? – View what tasks were performed on an asset.
When did it happen? – Find out the exact time and date of every activity performed on an asset.
Who performed the task? – Determine which crew or employee performed a task.
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