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HisTREE Tree Management System

HisTREE is a tree management system that simplifies the collection and analysis of field data. With HisTREE you gain a quick access to the entire history of each municipal, park or tree nursery asset. 

The HisTREE asset management software utilizes secure identification tags and the latest geographic information system (GIS) mapping technology to track and record all tree maintenance tasks. Using mobile devices, tree data is captured on-site and transferred wirelessly to a secure webhosted database accessible from anywhere in the world. HisTREE provides you with insight into your complete tree inventory giving you complete control of your data.
HisTREE accommodates novice staff and allows them to immediately manage, retrieve and display unique asset and maintenance task data. 
 Key Features of HisTREE include:
• Tree Data Management
• Single point field data collection
• Inventory trending and reporting
• Maintenance activity log
• Asset location mapping
• Data integration with exiting GIS systems


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